Tile Making Process

I carve the initial design out of clay and then pour plaster over it to create a press mold. By pressing soft clay into the plaster mold, I can create multiples of each design. Once the clay is pressed into the mold and removed, it is hand trimmed and hand-glazed using a combination of underglazes and my own over glaze recipes. It is fired to cone 03 (2019 degrees F). If you need the tile for exterior installation, please let me know and I will adjust the glazes and fire to a higher temperature.

No two pieces are alike as they are all handmade and decorated. The touch of the artist (myself) may be visible on the piece. Sometimes a fingerprint or a smudge. This is part of the handmade patina. Each tile is created individually, by hand, and will be similar but not exactly like the photos shown. The marks on the back vary with each individual tile.